World Custom Scenery Project

09.01.06 10:21 Age: 15 yrs

World Custom Scenery Project launched

Category: General

By: Ralf Gerlich

Today the World Custom Scenery Project was launched on It aims at providing a central hub for custom terrain creators for the FlightGear flight simulator, providing documentation, tools, tips and tricks for creating custom scenery and a central terrain database for the standard scenery builds.

We intend to offer space to database contributors for describing their scenery project and their area. This can include screenshot and picture galleries or descriptions of interesting routes and places to fly.

As the structure of the database and the associated procedures for submitting to the database are not yet established, we also offer this project space to scenery customisers already working on their scenery and intending to submit to the database as soon as it is in production status.

Note that, in order to be able to submit your data to the database later on, you need to use suitable digitising methods. Due to technical reasons we will probably not be able to accept modifications based on the current version of FlightGear Scenery Designer (v0.3.x) or in the form of binary scenery files (.btg). However, as  it seems, Frederic Bouvier is already working towards an interfacing possibility for fgsd.